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Hélène Teulon - Founder

Hélène Teulon is a graduate engineer from the École Polytechnique, and doctor of Industrial Economics. She has been developing LCA skills since 1992.

Founder of Gingko 21 in 2005, she developed the OpenGreen eco-innovation method, published in

 Le Guide de l'éco-innovation.She supports management teams to integrate the circular economy into their strategy, leads creativity seminars, and explores in particular disruptive eco-innovation, aimed at completely erasing environmental impacts.


Gentiane Gastaldi - Agronomist Egineer

Gentiane Gastaldi is an agricultural engineer specializing in the environment.

After an experience in large distribution, she joined Gingko 21 and supports our customers in the realization of LCA, the implementation of eco-design and the training of their teams.


Quentin Bézier - Designer Engineer

​Quentin is an ecodesigner, graduated from l'École de design Nantes Atlantique and the ENSAM.

He works within Gingko 21 since 2015 and accompanies companies in their development to a lower impact business. He deals with LCA, ecodesign and Industrial ecology projects.


Myriam Berna - Administrative manager

Myriam Berna is administrative manager. She is an INSA engineer in civil engineering and town planning; she has taught for fifteen years as a school teacher; she trained in Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy. She has used all her skills at Gingko 21 since April 2018.


Julie Houssier - Apprentice agronomist

Julie Houssier is an apprentice agronomist studying at AgroParisTech. She joined Gingko 21 as part of her training. She works on projects related to nutrition, particularly on OptiNutrition.


Emil Dohlen - Engineer in life cycle assessment and ecodesign

​​Emil Dohlen is an engineer in life cycle assessment and ecodesign. He graduated from the Technical University of Denmark and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in industrial and territorial ecology. He joined Gingko 21 in 2020.


Claire Rebourg - Engineer in life cycle assessment and ecodesign

Claire Rebourg is an engineer graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris with a first experience in the aeronautics sector. Motivated to contribute to the consideration of environmental impacts in product development, she joined Gingko 21 in 2020 as a consulting engineer in LCA and eco-design.


Frédéric Thébaud - Engineer

​Frédéric Thébaud is a graduate of the École Polytechnique and doctor-engineer in Materials Science. His experience in the automotive and energy sectors, in large groups such as mid-size companies, as well as in an international consulting firm, gives him a detailed knowledge of the conditions for adopting new environmental practices in the company. He is developing the activities of Gingko 21 in the Grand Est region (Alsace - Champagne - Ardennes - Lorraine).


Marie-Cécile Pinson - Design Project Manager

​Marie-Cécile Pinson is a graduate of the École du Louvre and the IAE of Paris. His interventions aim to integrate design and management of innovation within companies, to make it a vector of development and business. After working for international groups such as professional federations and a French organization, she is now Design Project Manager at Gingko 21 and works as an AMO Architecture-Design-Living Environment for Wood Living Buildings.


Cécile Touret - Sustainable housing project manager

Cécile Touret graduated from Kedge Business School, Grande Ecole program, in marketing. After first experiences at Société Générale and in consulting, she worked for 14 years for the industries and wood construction.

Today, she supports companies in their development and acts as AMO Architecture, Design, Wood to design and build habitats and living spaces that respect the environment.

Faustine Vanhulle - Creativity and Value Analysis Expert

Faustine Vanhulle - Creativity and Value Analysis Expert

François Raffin - Innovation and Change Expert

François Raffin - Innovation and Change Expert

François Richard - Information and communication technical expert

François RICHARD is a graduate of ESIEA, School of Engineers of the Digital World, and doctor of Applied Computing. His various responsibilities in the field of Telecommunications (at FranceTélécom / Orange and at Matra Communication) allow him to have a good perception of the current developments in the digital world and more particularly on its environmental footprint. As such, he participates in the work of the think tank The Shift Project.

Fabien Tournan - Regenerative Systems Consultant Permaculture and Agroecology

Fabien Tournan is the founder of the "Plant Regeneration" design office. He is an international consultant, teacher-researcher, specialist in holistic management of territories.

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