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Develop your skills

Our 20 year experience in the field of training allows us to conduct efficient and interactive courses as well as "action trainings". Our educational methods promote application, dialogue and confort for the learner. 

Gingko 21 offers "serious games", which combine sensitization on these topics and team building, across many themes related to circular economy. 

Gingko 21 has also developed large group animation skills. As part of our eco-innovation consulting activities, we often organize creativity sessions in collective intelligence (Orange, Orange Business Services, FagorBrandt, Renault). 


Introducing your collaborators to key concepts of circular economy with our training units:

     > Introduction to circular economy (1 day)

     > Introduction Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) (1 day)

     > ​Introduction to sustainable design (1 day)

     > Responsible purchasing training (2 days)

     > Responsible marketing training (2 days)


Definitely practical, sessions favor learning through usage. Primarily oriented to experienced people in sustainable design, they can also interest newcomers - particularly half-day sessions on sustainably designed solutions research.


     > OpenGreen® Eco-innovation workshop (1 day)

     > Eco-solutions workshop (1/2 day)

     > I.D. Action workshop (1/2 day)

     > Green TRIZ inventive principles workshop (1/2 day)

     > "Fête des lumières", Lights Festival (1/2 day)

     > "Faites tourner", Let's roll it (1/2 day)


Fondamentals on the topic, simply and instructively introduced, illustrated by numerous examples. These units are oriented to people looking forward to start sustainable design project, life cycle analysis or industrial and territorial ecology project. We offer preparation exercises for further development. 


     > Sustainable design (2 days)

     > LCA (2 days)

     > Environmental display (1 day)

     > Circular economy (1 day)

     > Industrial and territorial ecology (2 days)

Eco-innovation pilot project

What better application than a real company project to learn our Eco-innovation methodology and related tools ? Prior to the design process, a three day workshop is hosted by the team project.

     > Eco-innovation pilot project (3 days)

" Gingko 21 conducted a full training, adapted to our company and products specificities, using concrete examples speaking to everyone. This training created the same enthousiasm in auditors  from different services in our company. It has brought a growing motivation to continue our LCA and sustainable design approach."

Ludovic Dupaquet, Quality and Environmental Manager, SICAME